List of Words (by Subject)

List of Words (by Subject)

How our church language can do more to exclude people than draw them to Jesus. Please log in or subscribe to view the slideshow. I spent my first few weeks as a college freshmen overwhelmed by the subculture of fraternity and sorority life. It seemed like the minute I stretched my sheets over my vinyl dorm-room mattress, sorority rush began. The whole system was literally Greek to me. I couldn’t pronounce the letters and I had no idea what many of the terms meant. I remember listening from my doorway as the many girls on the hall prepared to attend a rush event. Hearing their chat about words like Pan-Hellenic, legacies, and Ro-Chis only added to my confusion.

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I am a bit OCD about planning. My journey at the moment seems to be learning to let go of trying so hard and have faith in God to provide. On the other hand, I don’t want to be the kind of person who says God will bless them yet doesn’t work hard or look for ways to work smart. I’m not looking for a quick solution, but would be glad to just hear what you think. I hope you’re having a nice day.

Hey dear friend, I really wrestle with this too:

thoughts on “Top 10 Christian Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again” #2, with the flippant use of this phrase–and all other Christianese phrases–at what point are we believers “using the Lord’s name in vain”? One problem in our evangelical modern culture is that we fear in heavy shame and guilt (not Christ-like) that to not.

We throw around certain phrases, coating them with so-called faith, when really, often they are just rooted in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of getting it wrong. People often use these phrases without really even knowing what it is they are trying to say. Here are some Christian phrases I am ready to retire: This phrase has been liberally tossed on every Christian relationship known to man, but what does it even mean?

The problem is that no one really knows. Does God close bad doors and open good doors? But often, He gives us the wisdom we need to make those choices for ourselves. Many times we ask God to close a door that we already know we should walk away from. Does it mean we twiddle our thumbs, praying 12 hours a day, memorizing Scripture, all while waiting for someone to come along? I believe that more than anything, waiting on God is less about our actions, and more about the state of our heart.

The Christianese Dating Culture – J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Sexual ethics of Christian men Several years ago Lisa Anderson signed up for online dating. Anderson, 42, who heads Boundless, Focus on the Family’s ministry to singles and young adults, and is single herself “I am the true year-old virgin” she laughs, decided to be upfront with potential boyfriends about where her sexual ethics lay. It was never a situation where we’re together and that’s going to go too far so I stopped it,” Anderson told CP.

Yet she was surprised that many of the Christian men on online dating sites openly admitted that they expected sex in a relationship.

Dcr 33 9 rules for dating. On first dates, make sure you have other plans afterward and keep them, regardless of how things are going. With several prospects, start an email exchange.

We want purpose, and how can we find purpose apart from love? Many of us believe that our best shot at finding this is in the face of romance, so we consume and collect all the tactics we can get our hands on. This is what my pond looked like growing up. I grew up going to purity class every year. One session, they presented us with fine china teacups and then held up a styrofoam cup and asked us which one we wanted to be.

I wish I would have been able to see through that crooked presentation instead of being bullied into a self-righteous, performance-driven understanding of purity. That metal token never did more than create awkward conversations with strangers in the grocery aisle. I had one boyfriend in high-school. We dated for two years and never kissed. The problem is not the purity rings, dating, or anything else for that matter. You can take a deep breath and stop looking over your shoulder, fearing who is judging you for either being too uptight or too lose in your approach to dating.

It began with the brokenness that traces back to the Fall when the first humans did exactly what we would have done, by believing that God owed them something more than Himself and that He was withholding something from them. In the same mentality, we chase after security, purpose, and affirmation in people who are chasing the same thing instead of returning to our first love—the one who offers fulfillment and encourages us to imitate this life-giving love in the way we connect with others.

We were made for connection, but when we believe that our relationship status is the only way to fulfillment, we will spiral into an unhealthy paradigm.

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Easier to learn than Klingon The blank stares would rival a Walking Dead convention. But in church circles, the subject is comic gold. And I admit to no shame in having contributed my voice to the raging tempest of self-deprecating snark. But today, I must dismount the wave.

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I should be studying or sleeping. One of the two. Instead, I am here. The mind has been on a constant study roll. My mind is like a giant pitcher with a bunch of Kool-Aid sloshing around. With the smiley face on it… Yeah, keep the smiley. The days are filled with more appointments and responsibilities than I could possibly fit into a set of 24 hours.

I guess that is what makes my life consistently interesting. So, life is interesting. I ended my flirtation with one type of social media. Some people need to learn their place in life. There are people who try to impose themselves on others. Please take your manipulation and insecurities elsewhere. Bar prep has begun.

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This is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of my new book on dating and relationships, called The Christianese Dating Culture. This was my personal favorite chapter to write, about the difficult, gritty reality of relationships. A poor estimation of the daily grit of life will always cause us to check out and quit too early.

Christianese is a term that covers a lot of slang in Christian circles. No matter what your church background and faith story is, you might still wonder what the heck some of .

Free sign up cp newsletter! A majority of single Christians are rejecting biblical doctrine by choosing to have sex before they are married. Sixty-one percent of self-identified Christian singles who answered a recent ChristianMingle survey said they are willing to have casual sex without being in love, while only 11 percent said they are waiting to have sex until they are married.

In an interview with The Christian Post, two Christian Millennials share their diverse stories on faith, sex and marriage, and explain why many singles are battling against the “purity culture” of their youth. When Heather Lindsey moved to New York City in at the age of 22, the Michigan native both attended church regularly and considered herself a Christian.

While Lindsey grew up in the church, she said it rarely emphasized reading the Bible or one’s relationship with God. As an adolescent, her mother’s only sex-ed advice was to use birth control when she became sexually active. But while in college, Lindsey “gave her heart to Christ.

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This blog will take the average adult reader about 5. Some people make snarky remarks about S. Singles Awareness Day that drip with cynicism and bitterness. It was hugely popular when I was at Liberty University. For the non-Christians reading this, yes, Christian culture is fucking weird. Please, as difficult as it may be, try to not confuse Christian culture with the grace of God through Jesus Christ. They are very, very different things. I never wore the white shirt.

My story was far more centered around abuse and my own lust. The act of making one pure was attributed to Jesus—but the act of staying pure was on your shoulders.

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