Identifying Victor Products Note: To date and get an idea of rarity of a Victor Product, please read this page carefully, and then click the “Product Information” link at the bottom of the page! If you have already read and understand this information, click here to skip this page. Before the age, history and value of a Victor product can be determined, the phonograph must be correctly identified. Fortunately for collectors, the process of identifying a Victor phonograph is not difficult. The Victor Talking Machine Company did an excellent job of providing model identification, along with a unique serial number for most models, which makes dating their phonographs a relatively easy task in most cases. Every Victor phonograph has a metal dataplate affixed either on or near the motorboard for machines with lids , on the side of the phonograph for most external horn and lidless models , or under the turntable for low-priced and some portable models of the 20’s. The turntable must be lifted straight up and off the motorboard to view some plates.

RCA Victor 9Y5, Rare Canadian 45 rpm Radiogram in Wood

Also in the field of album cover design. In the company employed Alex Steinweiss as art director. He becomes the man who invented the album cover. Columbia is the oldest surviving trademark in the record business, dating back to s. The label’s first jazz recording were made by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band in Columbia was an American company until mid s, when it was purchased by its own former subsidiary in England, the English Columbia.

Do you need Service Information for a Canadian made Antique Victrola, Phonograph or Record Player? We carry factory Phonograph service information for name brands such as RCA Victor, Canadian General Electric(GCE/GE), Admiral, Marconi, Silvertone and Webster-Chicago.

Sign in to view read count There were only about four good bass players during the ‘s, and John Kirby wasn’t one. Still, he somehow made his name in part because of connections and good looks , and he led one of the most popular small bands of the time. Pete Brown alto and Frank Newton trumpet , both magnificent blues players, began as the primary soloists, and the band originally a coop began recording in under the name of whoever got the gig: Kirby envisioned a more refined sound.

Through a series of power plays he gradually took over the band, replacing Newton with Charlie Shavers and Brown with Russell Procope. At age 21 Shavers became musical director and immediately contributed “Undecided”, the band’s biggest hit. The band recorded under Kirby’s name for the first time in Now established as headliners, the sextet continued together five more years until the draft and personal differences broke up the band. Sixty years later the jury is still out on Kirby’s band.

Individual creativity was downplayed, and there was little connection with the blues. It is not clear they were even a jazz band. On the other hand they had their own light, rhythmic sound, their arrangements were immaculately conceived and performed, and the musicians all enjoyed jazz reputations.


Establishment by General Electric[ edit ] Company logo in stressed its leadership in international communication. In , the Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company, Limited, was founded in London to promote the radio then known as “wireless telegraphy” inventions of Guglielmo Marconi. As part of a worldwide expansion, in American Marconi was organized as a subsidiary company, holding the rights to the use the Marconi patents in the United States and Cuba.

With the entry of the United States into World War One in April , most civilian radio stations were taken over by government, to be used for the war effort.

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List of records by W. DiscussRCA Victor auto Victrola record player In , a much cheaper car record player offered as a Chrysler option came on the market: Make A Record Man: Discover whats missing in your RCA Records discography. La Salle, Indianapolis, Indiana. When you are hiring her, be ready for exceptional sexual encounter and enjoyment with her.

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Victor presented their new development to the press on September 26, Before a select audience of more than a hundred musical celebrities, prominent editors, and educators at the Plaza Hotel New York City, the RCA Victor Company held the first demonstration of a new long-playing record capable of reproducing an entire symphony or musical program lasting a full half hour The first composition to be recorded as a program transcription was was of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra under the direction of Leopold Stokowski at the Philadelphia Academy of Music

In , RCA Victor began issuing vinyl LPs (originally introduced by Columbia Records in ), because they were losing artists and sales due to the company’s resistance to adopting the new format. In , RCA Victor began experimenting with stereophonic recording.

The album covers featured several of the famous striking photographs taken by Robert Hupka of Toscanini in rehearsal. Initially, only mono versions were issued. Then, in an attempt to satisfy fans of stereo , a number of “reprocessed” or “electronic” stereo versions were issued; generally, these were less than satisfactory because the tapes seldom had high enough fidelity to justify the separation of highs and lows, changes in equalization for each channel, or use of out-of-phase effects.

Victrola released a number of compilations of operatic recordings, taken mostly from rpm “Red Seal” discs. RCA Victor had an extensive catalog of operatic recordings by famous singers from opera’s golden age , dating back to its beginnings as the Victor Talking Machine Company in the early s. The most famous recordings were by the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso ; all of his recordings were made by the acoustical recording process before Victor began commercial electrical recording in Although these albums were released before the advent of digital remastering, great care was taken to achieve the best possible sound through various electronic processes available in the s and s.

In , some of Caruso’s recordings were among the first to be digitally remastered, using a ground-breaking process developed by Thomas G. Most Victrola LP releases beginning in the early s were issued on RCA’s ” Dynaflex ” vinyl format, which used thinner, more pliable, lighter-weight records. This cost-cutting effort frustrated many record collectors of the time, especially since some of the discs had an audible rumble when played on better quality turntables.

Despite RCA’s claims to the contrary, these records could warp over time and the company eventually abandoned the process. Beginning in the late s, RCA issued a new CD and cassette series on the Victrola label consisting of stereo recordings of mostly standard symphonic and instrumental works drawn from former Red Seal issues. In , when the Rachmaninoff collections were first released on Red Seal LPs, RCA reported that it had frequently utilized record collectors to provide vintage recordings because its own archives are incomplete.

Some of these recordings can still be found on various websites.

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Also see photo of crowd. Historical Society Sponsored by the Camden County Historical Society, the event drew such a crowd that many attendees were forced to watch the two-hour show from outside the Library Conference Center’s corridor doors. Barnum wasn’t at all surprised. When he arrived early to begin setting up his audio-visual gear he surveyed the large room, noted it was only half-filled with chairs and immediately called for library staff to quickly bring in as many more as would fit.

L-3 executive “I’ve been giving this talk for years and it’s always packed like this,” said the business development manager for Camden’s L-3 Communications Systems who is also a Historical Society Trustee.

RCA Victor auto “Victrola” record player In , a much cheaper car record player offered as a Chrysler option came on the market: the RCA Victor auto “Victrola.” It cost $ ($ today.

Based in Camden, NJ, across the river from Philadelphia, Victor which merged with RCA was able to use players from Stokowski ‘s orchestra on an ad hoc basis as late as By then it was called the “RCA Victor Orchestra” — not, however, to be confused with another ad hoc group, called simply the Victor Orchestra , in NYC for lighter music on the company’s budget black and blue labels. New alliances between overseas and U. The “RCA Victor Symphony” suddenly became a major player, based chiefly but not solely in Manhattan, which boasted a vast reservoir of players.

Leonard Bernstein made his first records with it as a Victor artist When Reiner entered the picture, contractors of his choosing engaged the requisite number of players — thereby guaranteeing performance consistency — whether in Bach ‘s Brandenburg Concertos, Strauss’ tone poems, concerto accompaniments, or opera excerpts with several of the Met’s leading singers in then-current productions of Die Fledermaus and Der Rosenkavalier, plus a complete Carmen. The area had a pool of first-class studio players and Philharmonic personnel who anchored most of Bruno Walter ‘s last hurrahs, and whatever Stravinsky did not record in Toronto or New York.

Until the simultaneous advent of stereo and year-round contracts, major U. But those were aliases, not commercial eponyms. However, when film production headed overseas in the s to economize, so did RCA, whose U. In , after Chicago, Reiner recorded Haydn symphonies in NYC with “his orchestra” a Stokowski nom du disque dating back to the s.

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It all started in when Eldridge R. Johnson, the owner of a small machine shop in Camden, New jersey USA , was approached by Berliner to make clockwork gramophone motors; these were first installed in Berliner’s gramophones in In the same year Johnson developed a copper-plating process to improve the production of discs, and also improved the soundbox on the record players, now providing the complete player unit to Berliner, as the Gramophone, through his Berliner Gramophone Company. The biographical history of Berliner is fascinating, and the fact that his motherland was Germany probably did not help his cause although the first world war was still two decades off.

And was so caustic that it resulted in Berliner not being abe tonhave full control on his record producing patents in the USA. So he returned to Germany.

This Record Bulletin, dated December 19, , announces the release of Presley’s other four Sun records on RCA Victor. They again refer to Elvis as “The Most Talked-About New Personality” and note that these four records had “spotty distribution” when originally released on Sun Records in

Consolidated Talking Machine Company of America started by Eldridge Reeves Johnson on your left , was a holding company set up over The United States Gramophone Company, which controlled the Berliner patents, patents for the flat disc platters , and The Berliner Gramophone Company of Philadelphia, which was the manufacturing company for the machines that played them.

Consolidated was started because Mr. Johnson had made an improved spring action for the gramophone. Emile Berliner , on your right, owner and patentholder, ask Mr. Johnson to product the playing machines. It was not a new enterprise, but a merger of the interests of Mr. Consolidated, was making recordings as early as May 17, – but the first issue is dated June 28, – past files indicate at least 17 earlier recording sessions, beginning on January 12, The first Eldridge Johnson label, was introduced on seven-inch discs in the spring of Pa for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia being the first home of the Consolidated Talking Machine Company. Under that will by the name of the item song title, if you wish – under that, the artist Composer name were not given – under that, the matrix number.

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Tchaikovsky , Piano concerto No. Some of these have circulated in limited edition recordings. Many broadcast recordings with orchestras other than the NBC have also survived, including: Documents of Toscanini’s guest appearances with the La Scala Orchestra from until include a live recording of Verdi’s Requiem with the young Renata Tebaldi. Toscanini’s ten NBC Symphony telecasts from until were preserved in kinescope films of the live broadcasts. These films, issued by RCA on VHS tape and laser disc and on DVD by Testament, provide unique video documentation of the passionate yet restrained podium technique for which he was well known.

See also categories: RCA Records, Victor Records and RCA Victor – as record labels. Media in category “Victor Records” The following files are in this category, out of total. jfBaliuag Museum and Library Bulacan Exhibitfvf jpg 4, × 3,; MB.

RCA Records is the pop music , rock music and country music label. RCA Victor is the blues music , world music , jazz , musicals and other musical genres which do not fit the pop music mold label. In , Radio Corporation of America RCA purchased the Victor Talking Machine Company , then the world’s largest manufacturer of phonographs including the famous “Victrola” and phonograph records in British English , “gramophone records”. The company then became RCA-Victor. The format was a commercial failure at the height of the Great Depression , partially because the records and playback equipment were expensive.

The system was withdrawn from the market after about a year. This was not the first attempt at a commercial long play record format, as Edison Records had marketed a microgroove vertically recorded disc with 20 minutes playing time per side the previous decade; the Edison long playing records were also a commercial failure. During the early part of the depression, RCA made a number of attempts to produce a successful cheap label to compete with the ‘Dime Store Labels’ Perfect, Oriole, Banner, Melotone, etc.

It was originally an 8″ record with a dark blue label, alongside an 8″ Electradisk label sold at Woolworth ‘s. Neither were a success. In , RCA reintroduced Bluebird and Electradisk as a standard 10″ label Bluebird’s label was redesigned as it became known as the ‘buff’ label. Another cheap label, Sunrise, was produced although nobody seems to know for whom it was produced, as Sunrise records are exceptionally rare.

The same musical couplings were issued on all three labels, and Bluebird survived long after Electradisk and Sunrise were discontinued. RCA also produced records for Montgomery Ward during the s.

VINTAGE RCA VICTOR Stereo Orthophonic High Fedelity Record Player & 45 Adapter – $ | PicClick

One likely suggestion is that this category includes export pressings. Several researchers have suggested these figures may include domestic Zon-O-Phone sales after However, that is a questionable assumption, given Universal Talking Machine Company’s existence as a separate legal entity. After , this category includes the purple- and blue-label series, client labels, special pressings, etc. Although Victor introduced its own double-siders in late , it initially was reluctant to promote them and charged a dime more than Columbia.

The effects of the recession, and possibly the beginnings of competition from radio, can be seen in the following year’s decline.

RCA Victor – 78 RPM – Label Discography USA: Records: Latest Updates: Gallery.

Electric tuning mechanism adjustment diagram Electric tuning principles of operation and adjustments Electric tuning wiring diagram and further adjustments Replacement parts list Some judicious searching revealed an ad in the August, issue of Popular Mechanics that featured not only the K remote but also W. Fields and Charlie McCarthy. My grandparents bought one of these new, and as a kid, I inherited it. I had a phonograph hooked up to it and would play records, mostly 78s, through it.

I had the armchair control box, which I hooked up and played with. The box used the same push button switches as the tuning buttons on the front, and used similar labels, though they were not back lit. There is a switch on the front of the radio to select remote control operation. Our radio was set up for Chicago stations, and the tuning worked pretty well. The armchair control box was brown bakelite, and was wired to the radio with a big flat cloth covered multi-conductor cable.

I used to get the occasional shock from the cable, as the cloth over rubber insulation was breaking down, and I stood on a concrete basement floor. Aside from records, I was introduced to rock and roll radio on this radio, and listened to short wave broadcasts. The short wave bands produced a lot of interesting sound effects back then, as there were people transmitting images with a type of fax system that sounded like a propeller airplane if you tuned it in see below.

We used a long-wire antenna for short wave

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There is much published about them so I will not attempt to tell the story here. Victor was started by Eldridge R. Johnson, a machinist from Camden, NJ. His first records came out in The first two labels are considered “Pre-Dog” labels, as they lack the famous Nipper logo yet to be used.

Aug 03,  · Take That on The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party – “Babe” & Jason Dance off with Will Smith – Duration: BeckyB 37, views.

Spokane, Washington, Ships to: These 33 singles were issued for customers who did not have 45 rpm record players, or who did not have the 45 rpm stack adapters for the larger center hole. These 33 singles never gained wide spread popularity and were discontinued after a few short years, making the records and sleeves hard to find. This sleeve does have some flaws. There are a couple of price stamps on one side with a patch of black ink and a couple of staple holes near the top.

There are also some small center seam splits on the sides, and some light tears in the die-cut center hole area. Still, a desirable sleeve if you collect the RCA 33 single record format. Please see photos for overall condition. Sleeves get a Good rating. I will gladly combine shipping on multiple items won. If bidding on multiple listings, please do not pay until auctions are completed, then request a revised invoice reflecting total combined shipping cost.

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